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Dr. Lena Suhaila ND, FABNO

I utilize a metabolic terrain-oriented approach to work with your body and restore your health. I empower my patients to address how and why illness occurs.  


To understand the tumor microenvironment and how to create a body in which cancer can neither thrive nor survive: imagine the terrain of your body as the soil in which cancer may - unfortunately - grow. Now imagine that you are the gardener. Anything you put into- or onto- or surround yourself with - from foods to medicines, to chemicals, to relationships, to beliefs - will impact the terrain.


Cancer is not a single event. It is a process resulting from an imbalance in the body. Removing the tumor through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation alone will not remove the process that produced the malignancy. It is essential to restore the conditions that contribute to metabolic health and the balance of our bodies’ terrain.


If we look at illness as a process within our lives rather than an external force to fight, we soon discover that we have tremendous agency to make changes within ourselves. Treatment of the whole person - not merely the cancer - is the priority.


Through in-depth lab analysis, epigenetic assessment, lifestyle modification, deep nutrition, and mental/emotional exploration, I help patients understand their unique personal terrain and create individualized treatment plans. We will address all the physical aspects of your health - mitigating treatment-related side effects and improving outcomes of conventional care while supporting your immunity, microbiome, and nutritional status. But we don’t stop there. We dive deeper and explore the emotional causes of illness. 


To balance my scientific approach to integrative medicine, I use somatic psychotherapeutic techniques, including Compassionate Inquiry (developed by Gabor Maté),  Internal Family Systems Therapy, and HeartMath - which help to reveal what lies beneath the surface, what’s at the root of our patterns and coping mechanisms. I am happy to work with individuals ready and willing to make these transformative changes within and for themselves. 

Together, WE CAN DO MORE.

Lena Suhaila ND, FABNO

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