Dr. Lena Suhaila ND, FABNO

I focus on a metabolic terrain-centric approach to work with your body and restore your health. I empower my patients to address how and why illness occurs.  


Cancer is not simply a tumor; it is a process. Removing the tumor through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation will not remove the cancer process that produced the malignancy. This requires deeper work involving our metabolism and terrain. 

We can’t get well in the same soil that we got sick.

I believe that in order to truly heal, we need to change the soil that we got sick in. This involves working on the terrain of the body.


Disease may take root in many levels, mental, emotional, and physical. To restore health, I use a multidisciplinary and truly integrative approach that discovers and treats the root cause of illness. I am happy to work with individuals who are ready to make transformative changes within themselves.


To balance my scientific approach to natural medicine, I am a group facilitator of Compassionate Inquiry (an psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté) and trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy, HeartMath, and several forms of  Breathwork. These methods help us to return to our wholeness and process what is unresolved within us.


On a personal level, I have a Vipassana meditation practice and believe it’s important to keep diving into my own inner work and training so that I can help others with integrity and heart.

Together, WE CAN DO MORE.

Lena Suhaila ND, FABNO