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"Dr. Suhaila, words cannot express how happy I am I met you. I look forward to working together to improve my health and help me do the right things to minimize my chances of the colon cancer from coming back."

VH  Campbell, California

"My family has a long and terrible history with cancer.  As I approached 50, I decided to take precautions. So I contacted Dr. Suhaila.  (I saw her in a TV commercial for a Cancer Treatment Hospital - and Googled her). I was overjoyed to learn that she has a private practice!  With her help, we worked to create an "anti-cancer lifestyle" - including diet, exercise, meditation and supplements - that has changed my life. Now, at age 52, I am healthier than i have EVER been."

JL  San Jose, California

"My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with an astrocytoma. After receiving several rounds of chemotherapy, my daughter started experiencing some terrible side effects so we decided to start working with Dr. Lena. She understood the special needs of my child and was able to coordinate care with our oncologist and make recommendations which helped my daughter to feel better so that she was able to continue getting the chemotherapy she needed." 

BA  Palo Alto, California

"While doing her residency in Hawaii, Dr. Lena came into our lives at a time that my husband was faced with the challenge of his life, cancer.  Jason was someone who didn't like change and at first was apprehensive about having someone new helping him with his care. But Dr. Lena gained his confidence and not only became one of his doctors but a dear friend.  She's very passionate about what she does and I'm grateful that we had her support, knowledge and love."

GM  Kona, Hawaii

"My doctor said in his 30 years of treating lymphoma, he's never seen someone tolerate ABVD as well as I did, and I think a large part of that is due to your guidance and support, so THANK YOU! 

I am feeling great and have tons of energy."


"Dr. Suhaila came into my life as I was trying to put together an integrative approach to dealing with cancer.  Her expertise has allowed me to continue with conventional treatment while naturally protecting and boosting my immune system and overall health.  Her knowledge and experience bring more to my efforts than I ever could have accomplished on my own.  Additionally her positive approach and warm support are caring and sincere always.  I would not want to make this journey without her in my corner.  I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to add a naturopathic element to their treatment plan."


HL  Petaluma, California  

"I feel very fortunate to have found you and am so glad we can continue to work together as you transition to telemedicine. I don't want to jinx myself by saying this, but I can't believe how good I have felt through these rounds of chemotherapy. Thank you so much for all of your continued support."

KF  Saratoga, California

"Dr Lena helped save my life. I don't want to sound melodramatic, but it's how I feel. I really wanted a blend of holistic and Western medicine to support me through treatment for triple negative breast cancer- and Dr Lena was the perfect choice. She worked seamlessly with my team at UCSF, even exchanging emails with my oncologist. She is incredibly knowledgable, going over my blood tests and suggesting supplements to support my immune system and keep side-effects at bay. After treatment ( I am thankfully cancer-free) Dr Lena has a personalized plan specifically to address my type of cancer and avoid reoccurrence. She also has a fantastic whole-person cleanse, which both my husband and I followed after treatment- getting those toxins out and supporting my body, mind and soul to be in the best shape for this strange post-treatment world. Dr Lena really listens, and always has a suggestion, referral or resource for me when I need it.  I absolutely recommend her for anyone with cancer or serious illness. Her training as an Oncological Natureopath is essential after a cancer diagnosis... and I hope we'll stay in touch as friends long after I am past the point of needing her excellent services."

DL  Santa Cruz, California

"I love my patients. I love my work."

Dr. Lena Suhaila, ND FABNO

"Thank you for bringing me to higher state of health. Because of all the changes that you've helped me to make,  I feel so much better now than I did before I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I never thought that could be possible."

JA  Berkley, California

"Late December of 2014 I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. In February of 2015,  on the recommendation of a lifelong friend,  I began working with Dr. Lena Suhaila. The lifelong friend , is a naturopathic physician, and worked with Dr Suhaila at  the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Phoenix. An angel was sent to me that day no doubt. At that point in time my emotions were raw and I was feeling overwhelmed, I knew that with a diagnosis such as mine, staying as healthy as possible - mentally, spiritually and physically was vital to slowing the progression of my cancer, hopefully allowing me to avoid highly invasive procedures such as radiation or a prostatectomy.  I wasn't sure how to go about achieving this goal , but Dr. Suhaila showed me the light. She is extremely knowledgeable and really helped me to streamline my lifestyle in terms of diet, supplements and stress reduction. Simultaneously, she provided me with great resources so I could do my own research,  which has been empowering.  Her most vital asset however, may be the passion she has for her profession and patients. Her energy is completely  refreshing! It became immediately clear that she cares deeply about  helping folks navigate the craziness that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Her commitment  to ending this societal plague is unwavering. Staying inspired in this fight can be challenging but a note from, or visit with Dr. Suhaila always lifts my spirits and helps me get back on track.  One year later, my PSA has remained  stable and the cancer remains low grade and low volume. I've lost and kept off 27 pounds and my overall health is better than its been in years. The  dietary and other lifestyle changes are here to stay and my outlook is utterly positive. I truly don't think I could've done this without Dr. Suhailas presence in my life. Thank you Dr. Suhaila!"


BD  San Francisco, California 

"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you have given me and how kind and compassionate you've been.

I don't know how I would have even gotten this far without all your help.  I most likely wouldn't even have been able to eat this last month without your suggestions

and patience to help me.  So you really kind of have saved my life this last month from my view.  No one at UCSF even knew about the bicarbonate pills or would take the time to give me the details I needed to have the enzymes and bicarbonate work so I could eat.  From my view, that is pretty huge.


So many questions you've helped with that I couldn't get answers anywhere else.  All of this has been so overwhelming and I am so very grateful that I found you and you found the time to fit me into your busy schedule.


In all the fast pace of everything that happens, I just wanted to take the time to make sure I told you what a phenomenal human being I think you are

and what a huge difference you have made for me and my family in this very difficult time. You profoundly make a difference and we will always be grateful."


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