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Remission has many meanings: absolution, relaxation, lessening – the absence of cancer. For those suffering from cancer, the word Remission is a wonderful blessing.

So celebrate. Be at peace. Life is good. But remember: Cancer is cruel. It will try to come back. The price of peace is vigilance.

Vigilance is a time to heal the body, soothe the spirit and build a strong foundation of health.

Remission is when the real work begins.

Often times after months of chemotherapy or weeks of radiation there is an inclination to want to return to the old ways of being. Wanting to get back to normal. After cancer, life is never “normal”, at least not in the way that it was. Any time there is a life threatening illness- it is a call to make change. Changes from the ways of living, being or thinking. Often what we want to avoid most in our lives is most crucial to our health and deeper awakening.

Post cancer treatment, people are usually given the guidance to monitor and follow up in a few months. People are led to believe that there is nothing more that they can do. I am telling you there IS a lot that you can do, and even if you are making changes, you can always do more.

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery may be helpful to remove large portions of disease, but they are not effective at treating the root cause of the disease. They do not change the environment or terrain of the tissues that gave rise to the disease in the first place - and without changing the environment or terrain, there is every likelihood that the disease will return. Although conventional cancer treatment, may be effective at helping to shrink the bulk portion of tumor, it does nothing to touch the stem cells. Stem cells are the immature cells found within tumors that can give rise to mature tumors. In fact conventional cancer therapies may even stimulate cancer stem cells to proliferate.

Post conventional cancer treatment, you may be exhausted and relieved and wanting nothing more than to peel yourself away from anything to do with cancer. But this is the time to become truly vigilant – and to change the terrain of your body.

So… How can we change our terrain of the body? Each week I’ll give you some easy to use tips to keep your Vigilant Remission going strong!

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring ways to change the terrain.

The major players are sleep, movement, deep cellular nutrition and rest.

Stay tuned.

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