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Naturopathic Oncology is the perfect complement to your traditional cancer treatment plan. As a practitioner of integrative and functional medicine, I augment your conventional treatment with evidence-based natural remedies as well as dietary and fitness concepts that significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation - and more importantly, promote your optimal health as we journey through cancer, together.

"Natural Forces Within Us
Are the True Healers of Disease."


If you are reading this, chances are you are facing a diagnosis of cancer – or suffering a relapse – or seeking to prevent reoccurrence;  perhaps you are a caregiver or know someone who has developed the disease and wants to help.


I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge your courage and strength. There is so much fear surrounding cancer that it can be difficult to take action.


That’s what we want to change. Yes, cancer is a serious illness. But it can be incredibly transformative. It can alter your life in the most remarkable ways. It can open doors to the SELF that few things can.  Cancer is a searing journey that will bring you closer to your friends and family and cause you to reevaluate your most basic dreams and desires.


I offer expert Naturopathic care that supports the terrain of your body and compliments your medical oncologist’s Western approach: employing a combination of functional medicine, herbs, and supplements to optimize immune function and decrease toxicity during chemotherapy and radiation. Having treated thousands of patients, experience shows that evidence-based integrative oncology can be of great benefit on the path ahead.


I humbly invite you to take control of your health, your heart, and your life.


Working together, WE CAN DO MORE.

Dr. Lena Suhaila ND, FABNO

Prior to studying medicine, I worked as a pharmacokinetic analyst and clinical research associate on drug treatments for prostate cancer.  I studied microbiology at The University of California, Santa Barbara and received a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from The National College of Natural Medicine.  Having completed a medical residency in 2010, I worked as part of the medical staff of a major cancer treatment hospital. I now operate a telemedicine consultation practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with patients worldwide. I continue my postdoctoral work with the Institute of Functional Medicine and Dr. Nasha Winters and the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Mastermind. 


I love working with people who are ready to take a deep dive into transforming all aspects of their health and well-being. Even within a diagnosis of cancer, you can live your healthiest life. 



There's No Need to Commute.
The Doctor Will See You Now.


Traditional and Naturopathic Care 
Working Together


Improving Your Ongoing Care
and Reducing Risk of Reoccurence


Moving Beyond Diagnosis

"Thank you for bringing me to higher state of health. Because of all the changes that you've helped me to make,  I feel so much better now than I did before I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I never thought that could be possible."

JA Berkley, California

"Dr Lena helped save my life. I don't want to sound melodramatic, but it's how I feel. I really wanted a blend of holistic and Western medicine to support me through treatment for triple negative breast cancer- and Dr Lena was the perfect choice. She worked seamlessly with my team at UCSF, even exchanging emails with my oncologist. She is incredibly knowledgable, going over my blood tests and suggesting supplements to support my immune system and keep side-effects at bay."

DL Santa Cruz, California

"Dr. Suhaila is a light that was brought into my life in a great time of darkness. I appreciate her knowledge, patience, and optimism. She helped keep me safe and calm as I went through treatment for stage IV ovarian cancer."

BM Oakland, California

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